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The monumental sculpture Project ” Constellations “

  The monumental sculpture Project

” Constellations ” 2023-2025

The monumental sculpture Project” Constellations ” , an original creation about Jean De Cluni, in situ to Lesquerde.

Introduction :

   Climate change has accentuated its adverse effects on the territory of Lesquerde, as in all the Eastern Pyrenees.
The land was even more drained by the lack of water revealing the bare ground.
The ground, very poor, made of rotten granite and sand limits considerably the interesting plants that can grow properly on this site.
The removal of dangerously flammable brush type broom, bitch forming the beginning of scrubland were mandatory.
>>> ( see here difference between maquis and garrigue )
Gradual destruction of the maquis (holm oaks are dying on the ground) has left the ground even more fragile to the cevenoles episodes.
The appearance of the agave weevil, Scyphophorus acupunctatus , cooled my idea of implatation of its plants which were all destroyed by this beetle from Central America . >>> ( see information about the coleoptera )

landscape, garden view

 My original idea of artistic creation

   My original idea of artistic creation is to create an artistic environment .I want to replace the vegetation without any particular interest and to highlight resistant plants such as junipers.

   It is necessary to design the sculpture on a large sloping ground, to provide drains and channels to limit the ravines due to water in large quantities.

   Indeed the episodes of the Cévenol type ( Mediterranean ) are characterized by violent storms leading to severe flooding.

the field before intervention
the ground before intervention

The path of construction

   Initially the construction of a retaining wall is built to consolidate the base of the land in relation to the road.
The wall has drains that allow to evacuate water along the wall and limit the pressure on it.

   Concrete and scrap block, I added “bottle bottoms” that form a wave effect with a green gun when the sun hits on them.

   I installed my first sculpture in the shape of a sphere ( as a reminder, the sphere is the symbol of infinity , cosmic unity, spirituality… )

the beginning
wall : concrete

The establishment of the construction


   In the beginning moment, ron studs are concreted in the ground to hold the screens to consolidate the construction.
Wire mesh is used to hold in place fabrics impregnated with concrete, much like fiber concrete.

   A layer of concrete is then laid on the set, channels are created aisi that locations for spheres later.

concrete in progress
concrete in progress
detail concrete
detail concrete sculpted
Painted concrete

   After several weeks of concrete drying, It was time to paint .

   I first used a concrete consolidator type acrylic resin neutral color mixed with blue pigments, ultramarine, coeruleum, primary blue.

   To protect, I finished with bicomponent acrylic.


sculpture fist painting
work in progress
concrete painted with spheres
concrete painted with spheres
add a fake fountain , spheres painted
add a fake fountain , spheres painted, in progress

   After several months of work on phase 1, I still have the finish to do, finish the resin fountain . I still have to put the ceramic on the wall .

    The  sculpture ( phase 1 ) sizes are 17 m x 6 m at the highest.

                                    purpose idea

The monumental sculpture Project” Constellations ” , an original creation about Jean De Cluni, in situ to Lesquerde.

   The sculpture is called Constellations , can be in reference to Joan Miró and his constellations paintings >>> The dazzling constellations of Miró.

   We can compare the blue color of a series of Miró ( Centre Pompidou, France ) canvas entitled >>> Bleu1, 1961 .  And the red additions on my glued gallets.

   No doubt  the influence of the master Gaudí is obvious perhaps wheb I visited  Guell Park in Barcelona ( Spain ).

  Gaudí’s work for its gardens, I saw during my visit a few years ago. >>>parkguell

    I also made a reminder by adding a small copy of the Gaudí lizard hidden in my sculpture.

I suppose that the proximity of Lesquerde less than two hours from Barcelona guided me

         unconsciously on my artwork.

   I wanted to show the infinitely small ( like elementary particles ) .

   And too it’s the infinitely large ( the cosmos ) integrated on the human scale.

   To date, in November 2023 , the sculpture is still in progress for the finishes. I am preparing its enlargement right for 2024.

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