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       Includes here the various news and exhibitions locations and residence in art gallery in France and abroad. Contemporary visual artist exhibition and events .
«We do not know, but at least we know better and better what we do not know»: this is, in essence, the true scientific wisdom whose extension joins on the intellectual horizon this persevering Folly evoked by William Blake.

Abstraction / oil on canvas / 2014

Last Exhibitions list non-exhaustive

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main exhibitions carried out under the aegis of the phylactere gallery and by my own means

  • 2014 feb . Artup Lille with Phylactère Gallery ( France ) collective exhibition with Oscar Lloveras, Quintana , Yang Din,…
  • 2014 nov. ST’ART Strasbourg with Phylactère Gallery . collective exhibition.
  • 2019 solo show in centre d’art , Port-Vendres ( Pyrénées Orientales )
  • 2019  heritage days / Exhibition in Hotêl Dugas de la Boissonny, Saint Chamond, France
  • 2020 participation in SUNNY ART PRIZE
  • 2020 exhibition collective  Saint Antonin Noble Val
  • 2021 Copelouzos art Museum, Athens, Greece, collective exhibition
  • 2021 new gallery Curator HongLee Paris
    • 2022 creation of the new art Gallery : Heterotopia Gallery
    • 2023 new exhibitions in art gallery Heterotopia ” season 2023″


Residence event

      An artist residence is a place that welcomes one or more artists to carry out research or creative work. 

   Creation will be facilitated through the provision of a place of life and creation, financial, technical and human resources.

   On the ground, this ideal is very often challenged and the conditions of residencies are multiple, different and unequal in terms of the assistance and support provided to artists in this context.

Phylactère Gallery ( 2014 -16, France )

JC ART PROD  ( 2016-20,  Londres United Kingdom)

                                       Gallery HETEROTOPIA ( 2023 –   , France/occitanie )

Next Event 2022



Art will thrive in a more comfortable and suitable environment.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in ensuring the success of the upcoming showcase, scheduled for the summer of 2022, which aligns with the completion of construction for my new venue.

To fully present and welcome visitors, we plan to complete the finishing touches this winter.

While awaiting the full availability of the building, the organization of the exhibition will be limited. However, you can explore my work virtually on sites such as KunstMatrix.

The optimal presentation of my work is set for May 2023, following new constructions to expand the sculpture workshop.

      Day of the Artists’ Workshops of Occitania  >>>   16th  october 2022

Last exhibition :  october 27th to november 13 th 2022

                                     Gallery Heterotopia Lesquerde

Exposition d’Art Contemporain

Jean De Cluni Artiste plasticien


Abstraction dans la peinture et la sculpture

Pell-mell Abstraction in painting and sculpture

 SEASON 2023 saison 2023

Gallery opening hours : from Wednesday to Sunday from 10h30 to 12h00 15h30 to 18h00

Horaires d'ouverture de la galerie : du mercredi au samedi de 10h30 à 12h00 et de 15h30 à 18h30

25-26 march 2023  :  art gallery spring / Paris – Lesquerde / SAINT GERMAIN DES PRES

         printemps des galeries à Paris/ Saint Germain des prés – Lesquerde

15 april 2023  : UNESCO World Art Day  / Unesco

journée mondiale de l’art et des artistes par l’Unesco

22 april to 9 may  : Easter holiday / abstract drawings Jean de Cluni

vacances de Pâques: dessins abstraits par Jean De Cluni

13 and 14 may : ballad in artist’s land /département Pyrénées Orientales 

Ballades en terre d’artistes / département ders Pyrénées orientales

17 may 30 september : the art gallery opens from Wednesday to Sunday ( opening hours 10h30 12h00 and 15h30 18h30 ) / HETEROTOPIA GALLERY

ouverture de la galerie Heterotopia du 17 mai au 30 septembre saison d’été 2023

1 to 21 june : abstraction – Paintings , drawings, sculptures Jean De Cluni

                 guest artist : Lea Ducos

Exposition Abstraction dans la peinture dessins et sculpture par Jean De CLUNI

1 july 31 august : landscapes 

Exposition Paysages figuratif / abstrait  2005 2023 Jean De Cluni

21 and 22 october : openings doors art gallery / région Occitanie

Ouverture des portes de l’atelier 



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june 2023
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exhibition june 2023
Jean De Cluni exhibition : first season
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characters evolving in an abstract landscape
abstract exhibition in 2022
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