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autoportrait in a park in London
autoportrait of artist in a park in London
Jean De Cluni story and events contemporary artist

master art trending artist


Born in 1968 , Lorrain, Meuse

Live and work between Lesquerde (Pyrénées Orientales – 2006 2022) and London ( United Kingdom – 2016 2021 )

Exhibition :

2006  : new studio in South of France

2007 – 2013 : search new media and material to present

2014 february  : first collective exhibition

Artfair :

2014 Artup in Lille, North of France , with Oscar Llovras , Juan Carlos Quintana, Yang Din

2014 november :  collective exhibition  Strasbourg Art FAir   St-Art

Résident  artist Galerie Phylactère until 2017

avril 2017 : solo show    registration in ” Maison des artistes”

2017 :    Carborundum  drawings serie created

new medias and technologies  creation serie with artificial light

New way of official artist ( inscription in ” Maison des Artistes )

Since 2016 work in london art studio  : fragmentation of space and color in figurative art

2019 : first retrospective colored glasses serie and kinetic art in centre d’art to Port Vendres ( Pyrénées Orientales, South of France )

2020 : a lot of exhibitions  as  Artproject  Barcelona  Spain  and Nottingham Uk  are canceled following pandémia  covid 19 

Collective exhibition to 43 eme salon de Saint Antonin  maintened in 2020.

Creation  2021 :  abstraction , action painting  with mouved support.

2022 2023 :  creation of a new exhibition space called “Heterotopia Gallery “

paintings hanging in room
presentation art
Statement of De Cluni Jean  |  Master rising artist.
     Front 1990, I studied with Josep Castell, a French Catalan painter and famous sculptor ( la voute des mains, Deutschland )   
   In 1990 -93 in private art school to learn painting restoration. I know knowledges about conservation painting and differents materials no used by painters to perpetuate my works in a long time.
I have been a full-time visual artist for 25 years and I live in a small village in the famous Cathar country, Lesquerde named.

      Developped over the many years of different practice, I am self taught with different artistic applications as abstract painter and illustrator. In the years 1995-2005, I worked as an indepandant  conservator-restorer for  French museums as Orsay Museum, Louvres, Lille etc..

      My studio was occupied in London since 2016 to do classical landscape ( especially the city of london that I love ) and  I practiced too photography ( for 3 years now ). The global pandemic forced me to close this shop because it was difficult for me to travel with the border closures

       By series, I work according to the influences of the moment : for example supernova series was inspired by Young British School ( Damien Hirst for example …) and abstract paint by french School : Support / surface and characters on abstract landscape  ( the last serie ).  However, I practice the classic painting too as portrait ( figure, animal ,…) or classical  landscape.

       There is no accident, no doubt, but my job is intentional as this black ink which solidifies in the air . Whose net is contorted over a stream of air and whose only hand has given a sense of approximate fall, fall due to that chance that gives any harmony to my paintings.

      Not denying the influences of the Delaunay, by adding disruptive elements such as circles
colorful, or the colors of the symbolist Boleslas Biegas,  the shapes of Poliakoff and  the abstraction by Andre Lanskoy , all his painters whose works I have been able to associate with very closely in my studio.
      I like too so many others with the reliefs of Zao Wou Ki or the abstraction of the paintings of Roger Edgar Gillet.
   These contacts of the material of the great masters were exceptional for the synthesis of my work.   
  I try in my work to make visitors discover a transition between the achievements of
the old that collectors will point here where there and a current vision of the painting.
hanging painting
presentation art hanging

Education / to become master art trending artist.


    Before 1990, I studied with Josep Castell ( catalan artist sculptor) and  analogus to painter  since few weeks in Provence.
    Between 1990 – 93 private art school in France and I learned how to restore and conserve paintings.
   In 1994 – 2005 : work in my studio in Lille ( and working for french museum  as conservator -restorer of paintings ).
    There 2006  to now : work in my studio in south of France ( abstract, op art , kinetic art )
     In 2016 : studio in London, working classical painting.
     Now, I build a new space to exhibit my artworks in Lesquerde.

London UK period

In 2016 2021, I worked in London on my art studio. The covid pandemia 2021 2022  prevented me from crossing the French and English borders and the suspension of flights to cause the end of my project uk.

Among collectors from :

France, Canada, New Zealand, England.

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“Everything passes and everything wearies, the nations, the individuals who compose them, as much carry the wind. All that remains is the beauty, transmitted by the artists.” Ernest HEMINGWAY.