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Abstraction serie of artworks

       In archives & photos, some examples of artworks shared to see masterpieces De Cluni website.

 Since the beginning of my activity as a visual artist, with sculpture, drawing, painting.

Summury :

evolution :
         Here is an evolution of my work according to my desires and my opportunities of work. I usually evolve on the same style in appearance and from time to time I make a break for a more or less long time to come back to work on my series.

        I worked in series mainly and over several months or several consecutive years in order to complete a thought flow. The production work allows to improve the research of matter and colors and thus to improve the rendering of his work as and when.

       From time to time, I take up old ideas if I have materials on hand.

        For all my work, he doesn’t exist for me a guideline , only by season that corresponds to the different series. Therefore, I can go from abstraction to figurative, from drawing to sculpture, from photography to painting.

       In each pictures block It is presented different styles of work with drawings like supernovas, paintings like abstractions, figurative or abstract sculptures.

       You can See the evolution of my artwork during 30 years of work on all media .


   Some works are for sale and you can see them by visiting my store page by following this link by clicking on the picture >>>

Evolution of my artwork over time.

    Fistly before 2005 , I started figurative painting as Trompe l’oeil in my art Gallery in Lille  North  OF France. I try different collage on paper or in canvas . Then I designed  classical landscape paintings and sculpture with figurative trees paintings, classical landscape and portrait ( 2005 2007 )

Abstract painting collage period 2007-2014

 Beginning Kinetic abstraction  period 2014-2018

Research abstract  period 2018-2021

Sculpture steel, marble pro period 2022


Artistic Influence :

   Not denying the influences of the Delaunay, by adding disruptive elements such as circles colorful, or the colors of the symbolist Boleslas Biegas. It ‘s the same thing with the shapes of Poliakoff  and  Andre Lanskoy , artists whose work I admire, work I know very well through my professional experience at the museum.

   All his painters whose works I have been able to associate with very closely in my studio, like so many others with the reliefs of Zao Wou Ki as well as  the abstraction of the paintings of Roger Edgar Gillet.

   These contacts of the material of the great masters were exceptional for the synthesis of my work.

In my work, I try to make visitors discover a transition between the achievements of the old that connoisseurs will point here where there and a current vision of the painting.


Some examples of artworks |  masterpieces jean de cluni website